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Kristina Garland Personal Training

Fitness and weight management in & around Tunbridge Wells

Personal Training

Personal Training…what can I expect?

Free initial consultation

Personal Training can be a considerable investment – in time, emotion and money. Before asking you to make a commitment I’ll meet with you to discuss your goals, find out what motivates you and, most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with me.

Health and lifestyle questionnaire

Not only is this an important ethical and legal consideration before starting an exercise programme but it also gives me some insight into your current and previous fitness levels and helps me to design the best progressive programme for you.  

Getting started

Personal Training in the parkOnce we've done the necessary paperwork and established a time and location for your session, things start to get physical! Whether I visit you at home, or we meet in one of the lovely parks in Tunbridge Wells, every workout begins with a warm-up and is then likely to combine some cardiovascular work (to get your heart rate up and burn some calories to aid weight loss) together with some resistance training (to help build muscle tone and strength).  

We’ll work with a variety of equipment including weights, resistance bands and exercise balls to ensure that your body is constantly challenged. I recommend including some core work in each session and we’ll always finish by cooling down and stretching.

Nutritional advice

Although your diet is likely to have more impact on weight loss, you will get less than optimal results without paying attention to both nutrition and training. Although your diet may consist entirely of ‘healthy foods’ you may not be getting the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which can lead to poor energy levels and tiredness.

The first step to improving your diet is to keep a food diary for a minimum of 3 days – being completely honest during this process will make my analysis more accurate! I'll suggest small changes, substituting some of your bad choices for better ones and getting you to form new habits. With a follow-up food diary a few weeks later you’ll end up with a tailor-made nutrition programme which takes into account your likes and dislikes, caters for any known food intolerances and allows you the odd treat to keep you motivated.

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates is a fusion of traditional Pilates and modern research to provide a controlled body-conditioning programme. Basic Pilates techniques are modified to make them more functional and applicable to everyday life.   

Fitness pilates should not be seen as cut-price physiotherapy but in healthy adults it can enhance posture, core and pelvic floor strength, balance and stability. It will help you to develop long, lean and strong muscles and can help to prevent back pain.

I like to incorporate some Pilates at the end of an energetic personal training session to help you wind down and promote core-strength. A complete hour of Pilates can also be a great antidote to a stressful week. 

Why not get together with a group of friends for a semi-private lesson? At just £10 each (for a group session of 4 people) it’s an affordable luxury!